Slat Conveyor

Karnataka Conveyors & Systems provides state of art material handling  solutions to Automobile, Engineering and Manufacturing industries for assembly of Vehicles and for moving the Components. Slat Conveyors are specially and exclusively designed according to the application and customer requirements.
The Slat Conveyors are,
  • Robust in design and construction
  • Reliable,
  • User friendly,
  • Maintenance free,
  • Cost effective,
  • Long lasting (Durable) and
  • Easily installed and used.


We manufacture two types of Slat Conveyors according to customer requirement and application, viz,
  • Single Slat Conveyors.
  • Double Slat Conveyors.
Wide range and variety
We can move anything!! We have moved many things.
We offer wide range of Slat Conveyors for various applications.
  • Application: A tiny component to Excavators.
  • Component or Vehicle Weight: 200 gms. to 12 Tons.
  • Total load on Conveyor: 10 kgs to 140 Tons.
  • Conveyor Length : 1.5 Mtrs to 125 Mtrs
  • Conveyor / Slat width : 150 mm to 3000 mm
  • Conveyor Speed: 0.2 Mtrs/ Min to 10 Mtrs/ Min are as required.
  • Conveyor movement: Continuous / Indexing.
We have manufactured and installed Slat Conveyors for various applications.
Single Slat Conveyor with Pegs with soft pads for Cabin Assembly installed
Double Slat Conveyor for Excavator Assembly line installed at, Earth Moving Equipments manufacturing Automobile Industry.
Single Salt Conveyor with Tyre Catchers for Car Assembly line installed at Car manufacturing Automobile industry.
Salient Features of the Slat Conveyors.
  • The Conveyor basic structure is robust and sturdy, made out of Rolled Steel sections. The Structure shall be modular in construction and made easy for transportation and assembly at site.
  • Chequred plate covering provided for service pits at both sides of Conveyor for entire length if the conveyor is installed flush to the floor.
  • Drive end and Tail end structure made out of heavy rolled sections and Support structure with Chequred plate covering provided.
  • We shall use special Chain with adequate breaking strength required as per load calculations.
  • Conveyor chain is provided with ball bearings for a marginal frictional loss and for longer and trouble free continuous duty functioning. There shall not be frequent replacement, stoppages and breakdowns. Use of right bearings in chain rollers reduces the friction and hence power requirement/consumption shall be less as compared to bush bearings.
  • The Chain parts are manufactured from carbon and alloy steel duly precision machined and heat treated and ground for longer and trouble free working life.
  • We shall provide suitable Bonfiglioli / SEW / Sumitomo / Nord / Equivalent make Geared Motor with appropriate rating and reduction ratio for efficient performance.
  • The Slats are made out from suitable material and of suitable size.
  • All the slats are provided with adequate reinforcement at the bottom that will ensure buckle free and long life of the conveyors.
  • Torque Limiter with Shear Pin arrangement is provided to safe guard the Drive.
  • Side Covers are provided at both sides of structure for the entire length of the Conveyor to prevent foreign objects entering in to the moving parts/chain and cause jamming or stalling of the conveyor.
  • Suitable PLC based Electrical Control Panel along with Remote Panels (If required) shall be provided with desired PLC, HMI, and VFD, Ethernet communication, Pilot lamp and chimer (Audio visual alarming system).
  • Station Operator Pendants are provided at every station with Pause, Foreman Call, material shortage, Emergency Stops are provided at appropriate location and at both ends for maintenance.
  • An Audio Visual Alarm provided on Main Control Panel for better monitoring of Conveyor Status.
  • An Andon Double Sided Display board will be provided (optionally – if required) for monitoring the progress as an optional requirement. In this display board, Target, Actual production, cumulative, line stoppages, time and date can be displayed as per user requirement.
  • Automatic chain Lubrication System is provided to lubricate the chain to protect it from wear and tear and to conserve power that will ensure long trouble free service life.
  • Tyre catchers shall be provided for holding the tyres of tractors to ensure proper movement on slats.
  • Safety sensor is also provided at the end of line so that, if the component is not moved / lifted / unloaded at unloading stage, the conveyor will be stopped automatically.
  • Overall the design of Conveyor is made suitable for the said application for longer trouble free performance of the conveyor.