Zee Pan Steel Belt Conveyor

Zee Pan Steel Belt Conveyor are designed to use in foundry. The conveyor can take impact load. The conveyor can handle high temperature components up to 150°C. Robust in construction. Reliable, Maintenance free and Easy to operate.

Zee Pans in formed section made out of 6 mm thick. Sailma make Special Steel having Wear Resistance and high tensile strength.

Zee Pans are provided with ”Impact Shoes” through out the width of the Zee pans to take impact from the heavy falling components from a height. These Impact Shoes can be replaced also when worn or damaged.

The Zee Pans are also provided with the impact resistant – Pressure Pads at the component falling area so that the Zee Pans do not distort due to impact.

Conveyor structure is sturdy and is in modular construction made out of rolled sections.

Provided with suitable chain guards, safety mesh and sand collecting tray (removable type) at bottom side.

As overload protection, a torque limiter with Shear pin arrangement & sensor is provided suitability.

We offer for PLC based individual Electrical Control Panel with Rittal Enclosure, VFD, Conveyor Forward / Reverse Inching, Emergency  Push Buttons with indicating lampss and Pull Chord for instant stoppage.

Zee Pan Steel Belt Conveyor


Zee Pan Steel Belt Conveyor