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We design, manufacture, install and commission wide range of conveyors.

Roller Conveyors

Roller Conveyors are economical, user friendly, maintenance free, cost effective and easy to install.

We manufacture various types of Roller Conveyors according to customer requirement to suit the application, viz.,

  • Gravity / Free Roller Conveyors
  • Powerised Roller Conveyors
  • Power & Free / Accumulation Roller Conveyors
  • Friction Roller Conveyors
  • Split Roller Conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity Roller Conveyors widely used in Engineering and Automotive Industries for
moving various type of components.

Conveyor Specifications:

  • Roller Diameter: Ø 33 mm to Ø 114 mm
  • Roller Width: 50 mm to 2000 mm
  • Roller Finish: Zinc passivated / Painted /
  • Ground / Hard Chrome Plated or PU coated depending upon the application.
  • Roller Pitch: To suit component and customer application.

Powerised Roller Conveyors

Powerised roller conveyors are tailor made to suit specific applications that
ensure powerized movement of the component.  The size and widths vary.
Normally are used for heavy blocks, pallets etc. These are manufactured in
accordance with various industrial standards and are basically available in
two types’ one conventional powered roller conveyor and the other one
power & free roller conveyor.

Powerised roller conveyors with ground and hard chrome plated rollers for protecting machined surfaces of components like Engine Blocks and Engine Heads.

Roller conveyors with tapered rollers for 90° and 180° curve applications, for smooth movement of components at corners.

Friction roller conveyors with ground and hard chrome plated rollers. Provision is made for friction adjustment. Side supports in Aluminum profile.

Salient Features of Roller Conveyors

  • The Conveyor structure shall be modular in construction, sturdy and rigid in strength, easy to assemble, install and use.
  • Support structure provided with rolled / formed or aluminum tubular sections as per customer requirement.
  • The Roller mounting brackets provided with standard rolled sections or with formed, fabricated sections. Optionally roller brackets can be provided with
    Extruded Aluminum sections of special aluminum alloy with precision bores for Roller housings.
  • Rollers are provided with following options according to application.
  • ERW “C” Class Tube- with galvanized / painted finish.
  • Seamless Tube – Precision machined, Ground and hard chrome plated
  • Solid Round bars normally for tapered Rollers at Corners / Radius
  • Roller shafts are from Carbon / alloy steel – machined.
  • Precision ball bearings shall be used.
  • Friction adjustment is provided for Power & Free / Friction Roller Conveyor.
  • A tray on demand is provided below the rollers to collect and dispose the Chip / oil / coolant.
  • Rollers can be easily fixed or removed for replacement.
  • Height adjustment arrangement is provided for the support structure.
  • The Rollers compression pressure is adjustable with Springs / Belleville washers.
  • The roller and shaft assembly is supported in special bearings on either side for free rotation.
  • Carbon steel sprockets with tangential chain provide power transmission to the rollers..